About Us

Morphé is a start-up company that is currently developing a new slicing software named Reform for Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D printers. The team of Morphé has considerable experience in medical applications and particularly in 3D printed patient-specific phantoms replicating a patient’s anatomy for radiotherapy purposes. The team of Morphé is proud of continuously inventing tools to improve people’s quality of life and able to offer high-quality products through its continuous research and innovation. Our target is to make our technology accessible to everyone by providing accurate, personalized and low-cost solutions.


Ok Thess (2020)

Morphé was chosen to participate to ‘Ok!Thess’ accelerator for further market research and development of its services.

Global Startups Awards (2020)

Morphé has been nominated for South Europe Startups Award and Newcomer Award from Global Startups Awards, which is the largest independent startup ecosystem competition.