Morphé is a start-up company that develops a unique slicing software, and a new 3D printer with a rotatable extruder.


Morphé has developed a prototype slicing software named ‘Reform’ connecting images directly to the printing process. The users can produce 3D printed objects from a series of images such as DICOM, BMP, JPG, TIFF etc. without the need for 3D models resulting in personalized outcomes of high accuracy.


The results indicate a more accurate simulation of a patient’s anatomy than the methods that have been implemented so far. The innovative proposed approach considerably eliminates the long pre-processing time and bypasses the need for skilled personnel with knowledge of anatomy, which are still prerequisites for the current 3D printing methods. Furthermore, Morphé’s software ‘Reform’ can provide extensive control on a Fused Deposition Modelling 3D printer accurate representing the density of any human organ homogeneously.

REFORM is the FIRST image-guided slicer for printing 3D models.

Import 3D models in an ‘.stl’ format and adjust the filament extrusion rate and provide differenet mechanical properties on your 3D printed objects.



The filament extrusion rate defines the amount of melted filament to be extruded on a print. However, by manipulating accurately the extrusion rate during the 3D printing process, it is possible to alter the properties of the produced object.  Import 3D models and select different filament extrusion rates for each print producing parts of different weight, flexibility, strength or other property based on the employed filament..


Infill pattern is the structure inside a 3D printed object. An infill pattern can be simply linear or based on more complex structures and consequently can affect an object’s strength, flexibility, as well object’s weight and printing time. Using Morphé’s ‘Reform’ slicing software, the users can create their own patterns that fit their needs. They can create patterns with different filament extrusion rates or choose among various pre-designed patterns.

Morphé 3D printer.

Achieve results of high accuracy using our software and REFORM 3D printer with a rotatable triple-head extruder.


This extruder allows the use of three different types of filaments, as well as, the use of a diffenet nozzle diameter per a hot-end. Despite the fact that REFORM allows the manipulation of the extrusion rate of all the hot-ends able to be used at the same layer; the software provides the maximum perfromance, when is connected to our 3D printer.


Reform Community Edition is FREE for downloading. It is the first image-guided and one of the most advanced slicing software for FFF 3D printers. ALPHA version is now available for use, please do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

(suggested system requirements: Windows OS x64-bit, 4GB hard disk availability,  display resolution 1920 x 1080, 8GB RAM memory, graphic card)


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Ok Thess (2020)

Morphé was chosen to participate to ‘Ok!Thess’ accelerator for further market research and development of its services.

Global Startups Awards (2020)

Morphé has been nominated for South Europe Startups Award and Newcomer Award from Global Startups Awards, which is the largest independent startup ecosystem competition.

About Us

Morphé is a start-up company that is currently developing a new slicing software named Reform for Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D printers. The team of Morphé has considerable experience in medical applications and particularly in 3D printed patient-specific phantoms replicating a patient’s anatomy for radiotherapy purposes. The team of Morphé is proud of continuously inventing tools to improve people’s quality of life and able to offer high-quality products through its continuous research and innovation. Our target is to make our technology accessible to everyone by providing accurate, personalized and low-cost solutions.